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Over the past decade, Tianjia not only expanded product categories from food additives to nutrition supplements, feed & pet additives, industrial chemicals, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, but also expanded our market to the Middle East market, the South American market, the European market, and finally to the market all over the world. Thus, the Tianjia team pays attention to market trends by country; and conducts research and analysis on the global sustainable development of the world food processing industry, on the global Eco-development, and on the different lifestyles of different countries and regions, which also helps Tianjia R&D team.

Tianjia team always persists in innovation and pursues breakthroughs to become not just a leading product supplier, but also a trustworthy solution provider, we hope each of our cooperators will find it the best choice to collaborate with Tianjia, find it a good choice to establish a long-lasting friendship with Tianjia. We are always on our way and look forward to our encounter with our new global cooperators!

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  • Saw palmetto extract

    Saw palm oil extracted from the fruit of Saw palm is used as the raw material, β- Cyclodextrin is used as an auxiliary material and an oil wrapping process is used to transform saw palm oil into a powdered product, which is beneficial for formulation and consumption.The product is generally a whi...

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